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It’s great to see your interest in advertising with us! This the information below will help you understand all the advertising opportunities we have available on our site.

Promote your ranch, stallion, trainer, horse sale, horse show or horse related product to the avid pleasure horse people who visit the NSBA website each day. There's no better time to start than today! Contact the NSBA office 847-623-6722.

Rotating Banner Ads

Banner Size

Each month we display over 50,000 pages, and rotating banner ads like the one above appear on each page that is displayed on the NSBA site. The cost is only $200 per month. (3 month minimum), or Save $200 when you purchase the banner ad for one 6 months @ $1000!

Banner Ad Specifications:

  • 945x90 Pixels
  • 20K Max File Size
  • Static GIF, Animated Gif, JPG or Flash

Please note: Images must meet our standards of professionalism and quality. We do not allow attention-grabbing color flashing, sexual images, misleading GUI elements like message box images, or other generally annoying animations.

The cost for creating the banner ad, is not included in the above costs.

Contact the NSBA office 847-623-6722.

* Prices subject to change without notice.