New Leadership, Rules Announced at 2017 IBHA Convention


The 2017 International Buckskin Horse Association hosted its 2017 convention at the Clarion Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, March 16-19 and announced new leadership as well as rule changes and additions to its World Championship Show.

Incoming president Michael Stadler reported interest in the 2017 convention was up over previous years, with the office seeing an increase in attendance of 15 percent. Office manager Deanna O’Keefe also reported seeing an increase in membership and registration over previous years, which she sees as an encouraging trend for the coming year.

Officers Named

Michael Stadler, of Colorado, was introduced as the 2017 IBHA president, (pictured at left) and was joined by Eugene Zimmerman, of Minnesota, who will serve as executive vice president (shown at right). Other members of the Executive Committee include Ed Anderson, of Wisconsin; Laurie Kristoff, of Illinois, and Jan Thompson, of Iowa. Mike Bade, of Missouri, is the immediate past president.

Other officers include Douglas Lasota, Arizona, Rules chair; Arthur Handel, Ohio, director of Liaisons; Dolores Kurzeja, Indiana, corporate secretary; Deanna O’Keefe, Indiana, office manager; and Denise Kurtz, Indiana, director of events.

New Classes, Division Announced

IBHA members heard reports from several committees during the conference, but rule changes garnered the most interest among attendees. The group’s Show and Contest Committee announced approval of five rule changes, three of which pertained to the group’s Miniature horse division.

Approval was granted to register miniature horses that are not registered with the AMHA or AMHR, provided that the mini is meets color registration requirements and is measured by a certified person. Minis under the age of six would receive a temporary registration certificate, and would be required to be measured annually by a certified person before competing. Permanent IBHA registration papers would be issued after age six. This rule change becomes effective April 1, 2017.

A second rule change for the Mini division adds the class of Hunter Style In Hand Jumping. (The current Jumping class is a timed event that requires a jump-off in the case of ties, while the Hunter Style class would be judged on faults and would not require a jump off.)

A Mini Youth Showmanship class will be added to the list of approved classes in 2018.

The pull turn becomes an illegal maneuver in Youth, Amateur and Select Amateur Showmanship effective in 2018.

A Ranch Horse division will be added to the list of approved classes in 2018. The division will include the following four classes:

  • Ranch Conformation
  • Ranch Pleasure
  • Ranch Trail
  • Ranch Riding

The classes will make up a separate division of show classification and will qualify for Honor Roll and reserve Honor Roll and Register of Merit awards within the association. Horses will not be permitted to cross-enter the corresponding traditional class on the same day (for example, horses cannot enter Junior or Senior Western Pleasure and Ranch Pleasure on the same day).

2017 Warm Up To The World and World Championship Show

The dates for the 2017 IBHA World Championship Show were announced as July 26-29, at C Bar C Arena in Cloverdale, Indiana. Due to the Ranch Horse World Championship Show held the weekend prior to the IBHA World Show, horses cannot enter the C Bar C grounds until 4:00 p.m. on Sunday, July 23.

There will be a three-judge IBHA-approved show hosted by the Indiana Buckskin Horse Association on Monday, July 24, with the Warm Up To The World Show with four judges held on Tuesday, July 25.  Judges for the Warm Up To The World Show will include Barbara Brouster, of Kingdom City, Missouri; Dennis Clement of Prospect, Ohio; John Letham of Yukon, Oklahoma; and Vicki Munie of New Braunfels, Texas.

Show management is pursuing NSBA approval of additional classes for the 2017 IBHA World Championship Show including classes for Youth and Amateur exhibitors. In addition, it was announced that two new classes – a $1,000 Added Two Year Old Western Pleasure and $1,000 Added Three Year Old Western Pleasure have been added to the 2017 World Show. The NSBA sanction fee for NSBA approval was donated during the convention, so IBHA will pursue NSBA approval for these two classes as well. There will also be a $250 Added Walk Trot, $250 Added Versatility, and a $500 Added Exhibition Ranch Riding class held at the 2017 World Show.

Judges for the 2017 IBHA World Championship Show will include Steve Carter of Urbana, Ohio; Carmen Hoffman of Calhoun, Missouri; and Jenny Duda LaGrange, of Oveido, Florida.

Once again, the exhibitor party will be free to exhibitors, but attendees must register in advance for a ticket. The Paid Trail Practice, hosted for the first time in 2016, will also be held once again the night before Trail classes are scheduled. Proceeds will be used for the Youth program.

bitsEducational Seminars

Two educational sessions were held for convention participants. Attendees learned about ways to safeguard their charter association against a ‘hostile takeover’ and heard discussion from members who have faced that situation in the past.

Judges Eugene Zimmerman, Dan Grunewald and Todd Foltz presented a two-part session describing what judges look for when inspecting bits and bosals during competition, and brought examples of legal and not legal bits for attendees to view. The group also presented a session on how to scribe the scores for Trail and Western Riding, including watching videos of runs with a judge calling scores that participants recorded on a scribe sheet to simulate a scribe’s duties during a show. (Eugene Zimmerman and Todd Foltz are shown at left)



CyleyAAHorseChampions, Hall of Fame Honorees

The convention ended with recognition of Honor Roll and other high point award winners from the 2016 show season. Top honors all went to the state of Wisconsin, including:

  • High Point All Around Horse, Guccis Only Lexus, owned by Cayley Peters of Chaseburg, Wisconsin (shown at right with Mike Stadler and Sandy and Ed Anderson;

  • GrotzkeAAAHigh Point All Around Amateur, Dun Got A Gator and Ann Grotzke of Adams, Wisconsin (pictured at left with Mike Stadler and Sandy and Ed Anderson);

  • and High Point All Around Youth, Legions Of Angels and Mc Kenna Williams of Darien, Wisconsin. (Sandy and Ed Anderson are shown below at right accepting the award for Mc Kenna from Mike Stadler)AAYth

Hall of Fame Inductees

IBHA inducted two members into its Hall of Fame. The late George and Marilyn Anders, of Ohio, were inducted (Mike Stadler is shown below at left presenting the George and Marilyn Anders Hall of Fame Award to Tamie and Ben Grandstaff) as well as the show gelding Scooter Gulch (Below right, Mike Stadler presents the award for Scooter Gulch to Alexis and Barb Robinson, with Michele Zimmerman, chair of the Hall of Fame Committee).







In other activities, attendees raised more than $2,800 for the IBHA Youth Scholarship Fund, which awarded four scholarships in 2017. In the last nine years, the IBHA Scholarship Fund has awarded $62,000 to its youth members.

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