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Enrolling a Stallion

February 27, 2014

Stallion owners are asked to donate one breeding to the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund (SIF) to be sold to mare owners.  The stallion nomination can be listed as available to be sold to the public or reserved for a mare owner designated by the stallion owner, including the stallion owners themselves.

When a breeding sells through the SIF, foals born in that year will be eligible for Stallion Incentive Fund Licensing.  The stallion nominator will receive 10% of the money that licensed offspring earn throughout their show careers.

As an added benefit for stallion owners, a complementary NSBA membership is offered when the breeding sells.

Grandfather Clause

Any stallion not enrolled and sold in the Stallion Incentive Fund program may enroll into the program any year following the foaling year for a fee of $600, making offspring from each year enrolled eligible for licensing.

If the grandfather fee is paid by someone other than the stallion owner, a waiver form signed by the stallion owner must be submitted to the NSBA.

For more information about the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund program please contact Sue Ellen Kaven at the NSBA office at (847) 623-6722 or email at

Stallion Enrollment and Nomination Forms

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SIF-BCF Horse Nomination Form.pdf 97.75 KB Download Details View
Stallion Waiver Form 32.94 KB Download Details View
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