PHBA announces new registration standards:  rules allow previously unregistered horses to be registered with Palomino Horse Breeders Of America.

New opportunities are available for horses that previously did not meet PHBA registration standards. The PHBA board of directors recently adopted new rules for 1) unregistered horses and 2) those with excessive white markings. Horses with a palomino base body coat color that are either grade/unregistered or that display excessive white (including but not limited to AQHA, APHA, or ApHC) can be successfully registered with PHBA, effective immediately.

Previously, only unregistered/grade geldings could be registered with PHBA, but now mares and stallions with a palomino base coat but without a sire and dam from a recognized breed association may also be registered with PHBA. New rulings now allow horses that meet palomino color requirements and standards to be registered with PHBA.  

HORSES WITH EXCESSIVE WHITE MARKINGS: Horses with excessive white markings beyond what had been allowed are now eligible for registration with PHBA in the Palomino Bred program with the expanded registration guidelines. The Palomino Bred registry originated to permit horses that did not have a palomino base coat an avenue to be registered and compete in the association. These non-palomino foals with either a PHBA registered sire or a PHBA registered dam can participate in PHBA events.

The newly registered horses are eligible for all PHBA shows, programs, and awards.

For more information, please contact the PHBA office at (918) 438-1234 or visit their website at