Stories That Inspire - From NSBA Women Who Give

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Laurel Champlin

“As a child, I remember my mom working for the head start program. She took me with her at times to some pretty rough neighborhoods. I learned early on to appreciate what I have been given.

“Giving has always been a private endeavor, so it’s difficult to talk about the subject. I would like to change that and make it a normal part of life.  I don’t know that one thing inspired me to start giving. I only know that I feel great when I do. I’m trying to get out of my box and challenge myself more.

“I don’t want to just throw money at a charity. I want to be involved and do some of the legwork as well. I’m going to be completely honest and self-aware here. I feel I am way too into myself sometimes. Winning awards and titles in the show pen is extremely rewarding, but it can’t just be about me. Volunteering places the focus away from me and onto something or someone else. The thrill and emotion of the Heroes On Horses ceremony is just as rewarding as a blue ribbon. Watching an Equestrians With Disabilities rider show and win gives me great joy. Something as small as providing cooling off stations for our horse show dogs put a smile on my face.”

Beth Hartman

“People inspire me to give, both financially and with my time. The people at the NSBA Foundation are doing so much to help – Heroes On Horses, Equestrians With Disabilities, Trainer Crisis Fund, Animal Welfare and Scholarships. Talk to anyone at the Foundation and you will leave the conversation confident your donation will be used with care and consideration to help others.

“With my time, I volunteer at the Cheff Therapeutic Riding Center, and again, it’s the people who inspire me. An 80-plus year old blind woman who trusts me to help her ride for an hour – she inspires me. A non-verbal autistic teenage boy who smiles and laughs when we hand trot down the rail – he inspires me. When a teenage girl gains confidence by being around the horse and uses that confidence to face her trials – that inspires me. It’s simply about people.

“To me, giving means relinquishing something to help or aid another person or passion. I give my money to the NSBA Foundation so they can reach more people who need help. Whether it be creating a new event like the Coaches Summit that will aid coaches and trainers with the knowledge they need to include more EWD riders and classes at horse shows, or it is setting aside money for the next trainer in need, It’s simply about giving.

“The same is true with my time. I give my time so that someone gains something from it. Maybe it is an hour break that a parent gains when his or her child is on a horse with me. I give my time so a child with autism can feel the movement of the horse and let the horse give their body the movement and stimulation it needs. I give my time so the 80 plus year old blind woman can feel the freedom of riding again that she once knew before she became blind.”

Ruth Ellen

“I was brought up by parents who worked as volunteers. My sisters and I were taught that giving is not always about money. When I was little I made pot holders and went door to door selling them to donate money to Cerebral Palsey. Since I love dogs, I turned my attention to therapy dogs as a way to give back.

“I trained my dog Frankie as a therapy dog, and we go into an assisted living facilities, memory care facilities, homeless shelter reading programs and participate in Dallas Fort Worth’s Canine Ambassador program. I continue because even in the most dire circumstances, my dog can make someone smile. Bringing a moment of happiness and relief to someone less fortunate than me is all the motivation I need to continue this work.  Find something that you’re passionate about and share it!

Patty Brunner

“I was raised in a home where you just gave where and when you could. I am more than grateful for parents who mentored that concept in helping.

“It’s not what we have but what we give or share with others that is important. That’s all inclusive of time, talent or money. Just to brighten someone’s day is fulfilling. After my husband Don passed away in 2011, that need to help others became an acute realization. It gave me purpose and joy to help others through similar circumstances. With regard to horses, it’s important to guide and share knowledge with others. There is always something to learn, and each and every horse teaches each of us something new. We have to encourage and guide others to keep this industry alive.”

Janet Gunn

“Growing up in a Christian family, my parents often used the Golden Rule to help us choose our actions. Jesus tells us in Luke 6:31: ‘Do until others as you would have them do to you.’ As we grew up, we also learned that we are blessed to be a blessing to others as is taught in Genesis 12:1-20: ‘How has that translated into my adult life?

“Giving was an early lesson. All my life we have tithed to our church. There are missionaries and ministries to which we lend financial support. Over the years we have also supported many community activities with time and money. It is fun to reminisce about how efforts evolve with the changes in our family. I have enjoyed teaching Sunday School and youth groups, serving on boards at church, 4-H and PTA activities and then athletic fundraisers. In the community the YMCA, Day Care center, philanthropic sorority and local scholarship funds have been rewarding pursuits. Our regional Pregnancy Care Center is extremely effective and dear to my heart and nursing vocation. With the advent of our equine life, IQHYA youth advisor and involvement with NSBA has been meaningful.

“A most rewarding part of the time spent has been making new friends and working alongside them to further causes that hopefully impact the world in a positive way. Our family has been richly blessed and it is an honor to give back when we can.”

Lydia Brahler

“My inspiration to give back to my community stems from my family. My parents, David and Elizabeth Brahler, participate in All City Food Drive, Friend In Deed Golf Outing, Dough For Dresses and St. Martin Depoores Food Pantry. My grandfather, Jim Brahler, started St. Martin and ran it until he passed away.

“Giving is extremely important to me. I know a vast majority of people do not have the same opportunities and lifestyle that I am so lucky to have. When you give to others, you gain so much more appreciation for the people in your life and the things you have. Also, giving back to your community helps you make it a better place. Your example helps encourage and inspire others to become more involved in their community.

“People who want to make a change in the world can start by helping and giving back to others. Individuals should try to see the world through other people’s views and give back to those in need.”