As the NSBA World Show continued at the Tulsa Expo Center NSBA members began preparing for a night of glamour and awards. Attendees gathered together for dinner at promptly 7:00 pm in the banquet hall and seamlessly transitioned into the special awards presentations for the 2016 Awards Banquet and Hall of Fame Presentation. Leslie Lange, NSBA’s newest member of the prestigious Hall Of Fame stood on stage after being granted the honor. She reminisced about her Youth years being raised on a working ranch, competing at her first AQHA show, and when she, “was forced into a professional career unknowingly,” after she competed on her trainer’s horses in the Open division when she was seventeen. It seems obvious that Leslie’s true calling was to be a professional as she has made a tremendous impact on the industry she is most passionate. However, she remains humble and thanked the people who have encouraged her throughout her career. “I have been fortunate throughout the years to have the help of professionals in the industry.” She continued, “I got involved in the NSBA when I was asked to serve on the Hunter Under Saddle committee then the Trail committee. I would like to think that I’ve helped Trail and Western Riding to come to the NSBA and it’s been a grand marriage. We’ve been able to find horses go across all arenas.” Leslie has served, as a trainer, NSBA Board Member, multiple committees’ member, is a Former president, and a true professional. The NSBA Hall Of Fame Stallion Inductee, Sweet Talkin Chip, “Sammy” was described as, “ a horse special from the day he was born.” Owners never epected that he would turn out to be a breeding stallion, however, he impacted the NSBA industry by producing great offspring, and most notibaly his daughters continue the line as broodmares. His offspring have won over 14,200 AQHA points including 71 AQHA Superior awards. Sammy’s last owner, Todd Laidlaw spoke about the stallion, complimenting his life, talent, and impact on the industry. “He was a once in a lifetime horse for me.” Nicole Barnes stood on stage in honor of Zippos Ace of Spades, lovingly called “Ace”. The gray gelding earned over 4,500 AQHA points during his lifetime, including seven AQHA world championships and 16 AQHA Superior awards. During her speech, Nicole reminisced on the horse that gave her a ride of a lifetime, each time she sat in the saddle. “I have reflected on what this award means to me, my family, and the horse industry. Ace started as an NSBA horse. Without this association his career may have never been what it was.” She continued, “His athletic ability, personality, and trainability was more than what we could ever imagine in one horse.” The night continued with more honorable awards including the 2016 Horse of the Year, Lexus Made Lady. Abby Tuiasosopo received the award, describing 2016 as the “greatest year of my life and the hardest.” Abby showed the mare to the top of the charts while facing a cancer diagnosis. “Showing all year and facing a cancer diagnosis, taught me about the horses community and about horses. It’s not about the color of the ribbon; it’s about the experience. I want to walk away every day thanking the Lord [for that].” The Quarter Million Dollar Club is a prestigious “club” for NSBA trainers who reach over $250,000 in the show pen. Cole Baker is now a member. “It’s very humbling to receive an award and know there may be a lot of people who might deserve it and never receive it and realize how much hard world all horses trainers put into working at home and at the shows. It’s humbling. I look forward to seeing many other riders in the club in the future.” Bill Consentino introduced his 2016 President’s Award to an innovative and inspiring individual, Corbett Ryan. Corbett began riding horses at an early age and grew up wanting to compete in pleasure events nationally on a level playing field. Through Corbett’s passion and dedication, “he wanted to raise awareness for an under represented group of riders,” explained Bill. “Because of him, we have Equestrians With Disabilities.” Once Corbett received his award, he said, “I am grateful that the NSBA gave me the opportunity to trial the EWD classes. Thank you for being open to change and recognizing my efforts by presenting this award to me. I plan to be part of NSBA for life.” Dave Dellin received the Jack Benson Award, “the award presented annually to an individual who unselfishly gives his or her time to promote NSBA and its mission and to create greater interest in the pleasure horse industry.” Dave spoke on two pivotal points in his life that lead him to where he is today. HeE reflected on his childhood, showing horses in Tulsa and watching two leading trainers help amateurs. “I watched them and thought that their lives were amazing.” He knew then he would have a career in the horse industry. He also reflected on a time when he was at the All American Quarter Horse Congress and Dianne Eppers asked him if he had ever considered being a Board of Director for NSBA. “I remember going to the [Board] meetings and being amazed at what goes on behind the scenes at a horse show. I just want to tell you all thank you and it means the world to me.” The awards ceremony continued with year end awards for champions and reserve champions as individual riders, EWD, Longe Line, Hunter Under Saddle, Hunt Seat Equitation, Over Fences Showmanship, Ranch Riding, Western Horsemanship, Trail, Western Riding, and Western Pleasure.