Stallion Incentive Fund Breeding Sale

With the highest paying stallion incentive fund, stallion owners are encouraged to participate in the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund (SIF) program by donating one breeding to be sold to mare owners.

Beginning October 1, 2017 all stallion breeding services will be offered to the highest bidder through an online auction. Breeding fees will start at half the advertised price plus $100 and will be available to the highest bidder up to the "Buy Now" price through traditional online bidding. Horses not sold through the online auction period will then be available to "Buy Now" at half their advertised fee plus $100. The minimum fee for a stallion to sell, is $400 ($300 minimum breeding fee plus $100 administrative fee). Click HERE to go to the online auction. There are options to view a detailed list, simple list or in a grid.

The minimum fee for stallions standing private treaty, or not at all to the public, is $700 ($600 private treaty breeding fee plus $100 administrative fee). The mare owner must be a current NSBA member to purchase a stallion breeding.

The stud fees collected are place in a special fund to be distributed later in the program year. The stud fees, less administrative fees, are paid out each year in Dual Approved classes through the SIF Licensing Program. Each year stallion owners will receive 10 % of their enrolled offsprings earnings based on NSBA points earned.

License Program

All SIF licensed horses are eligible to earn incentive fund points base on Dual Approved and Special Events shows where NSBA points are earned. Payout is based on the purse of sold breedings for the current year. In 2017, the SIF payout was $31.00 per point. All NSBA points earned in Dual Approved and Special Event Open and Amateur classes will be paid out. In addition, only horses enrolled in the SIF are eligible to earn Smart Points.

The Stallion nominator receives 10% of the earnings of offspring, the horse nominator earns 10% and the owner of the horse earns 80% of the License payout.

Grandfather Clause

Any stallion not enrolled and sold in the Stallion Incentive Fund program may grandfather into the program any year following the foaling year for a fee of $800, beginning January 1, 2018. All offspring from that foaling year would then be eligible for licensing. If the grandfather fee is paid by a person other that the stallion owner, a waiver form signed by the stallion owner must be submitted to the National Snaffle Bit Association.

For more information about the NSBA Stallion Incentive Fund program please contact Sue Ellen Kaven at the NSBA office at (847)-623-6722 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.