NSBA  Registration

Horses entered  in any NSBA approved futurity or NSBA stand alone classes require registration with NSBA. Horses enrolled in the Breeders Championship Futurity, Color Breeders Championship Futurity or Stallion Incentive Fund, are considered registered, providing the horse is registered in the current owner's name. The Certificate of Registration is the horse's official NSBA registration.

Registering your horse with NSBA is easy. If your horse is registered with any one of the eight alliance breed associations or Jockey Club, simply send in a copy of your horses breed registration papers showing current ownership, along with a registration form and $35. Any horse registered with one of NSBA's breed affiliate organizations can register with NSBA, by filling out the registration form, along with a copy of the breed registration papers showing current ownership.

Horses not registered with a recognized equine association (REA) may be registered with NSBA by submitting the horse's microchip number and verification of age. 

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Contact the Registration Department at 847-625-6594.