It was a morning for Showmanship and an afternoon for Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle in the Celeste Center at the All American Quarter Horse Congress.

Dualing Showmanship Pens

The morning found Youth Showmanship exhibitors going through their patterns on the North and South ends of the Celeste Center as exhibitors first vied to make the finals of their respective classes and later to complete the pattern a second time in the finals.

Kenzie Bracken and Styles Sophisticated were crowned the Congress AQHA and NSBA champions in Level 1 Youth Showmanship 13 & Under. “Our first pattern was pretty good, but our second pattern was awesome. I tried to put more pizzazz into the final go,” Kenzie said of her two performances.

“We raised my horse, Tex, and he’s always been around, and he and I are the same age – 13. He’s awesome.”

In the Level 1 Youth Showmanship 14-18, Annelise Bedell and her horse DoALittleDayDrinkin took the top spot after completing a pattern in their split and then returning with winning pattern in the finals.

“This is my first year to ever show at the Congress, and my first time to win a Congress championship,” an emotional Annelise said. “I’ve only had this horse, Corona, since the beginning of March. In the first round, our pattern was good, but in the finals I tried to be more calm and confident. I was really excited to have my best friend Abbie out there with me.”

Annelise was quick to credit her support team. “I would really like to thank Brynne Bassler, Ashley Moore, Brian Garcia, David and Amy Roos, Cameron Crichton and my parents,” she said.

New Horse, No Problem for Kylee Wiseman

Two months ago, Kylee Wiseman didn’t have a horse to show in the Congress Youth Western Pleasure 15-18. That all changed when her family bought Im Sugar N Spice at the NSBA World Championship Show.

“I think this is just the fourth time I’ve shown her,” Kylee said. “We showed once before we got here and a few times here at the Congress. I love how consistent she is at the lope, every stride is the same. She has a great personality, and she has a lot of motor for a little horse, but we love that about her. She’s a very willing horse too.”

Kylee was a quick study of Paprika. “We haven’t been together that long, and honestly, I was shocked that we won the class,” she said. “I’m pretty excited about her. I’m looking forward to showing her some more and raising some babies with her.”

Second Congress Championship For Caroline Cavallo and Teddy

Caroline Cavallo seems to swoop in and win Congress awards and leave. She left the Congress a few days ago to go back to her job as an Emergency Room nurse, and came back to show her horse, Only Ride The Best, to win the Three Year Old Non-Pro Hunter Under Saddle. It was a unanimous decision among the judges.

“I worked two shifts at the hospital and came back to show this class,” laughed Caroline. “I have to go back and work two more shifts, but I’m driving back over to watch Dawn show in the Open finals on Saturday. I’m having so much fun showing again. It’s great.”

Jamie English and Its Game On Bring Their A Game

It was also a third Congress championship for Jamie English, who showed Its Game On, for owner Tali Terlizzi to win the Three Year Old Limited Open Hunter Under Saddle Futurity.

“He was so spot on,” Jamie said of her ride. “He gave me everything he had, and he did everything I asked of him. If I wanted to move him somewhere, he just did it. He was Mr Perfect tonight. He is so much fun to show.”

Brian Ale Wins Two Year Old Maiden Western Pleasure With Quigley

If you had told Brian Ale last winter that the horse he brought in for training would become a Congress champion, he would probably not have believed you.

Yet the gelding known as Quigley stood at the top of the class in the Coughlin Two Year Old Maiden Western Pleasure. “We found this horse in a cattle pen in North Dakota,” he laughed. “He was little and hairy and I just wasn’t sure if he would make it.

“It was kind of tough for a while, and it seemed like it took until we went to Ocala for the Championship Show for him to all come together, and now he wants to be a show horse. We used to own his dam who is a Ziprageous mare. We sold her to Debbi Trubee and she bred her to The Best Martini, and we just sort of followed this horse. It’s been tough, but he’s been worth the wait.”

Good Vybes Bring A Win In Super Sale Three Year Old Non-Pro

It was a long wait for Tessa Lynch Sutton to get to show her horse, Good Vybes, at the Congress. “We bought Vivian out of the sale in 2019 with this class in mind,” Tessa said.

“We had started her, and she was really ready to show by June of last year, and then when the Congress was cancelled, we were really bummed.”

The mare, who is by Certain Potential, showed at the Championship Show in Ocala as well as at the Congress. “This was by far the best ride I’ve ever had on her,” Tessa said. “It was perfect. She’s become so solid and she is so much fun to show. I can’t wait to show next year in the Maturity events.”

JR Cook Wins The Nightcap Class: Amateur Western Pleasure

In a tough group of Amateur Western Pleasure horses, it was JR Cook and Line Up Behind who were named class champions.

“This horse is really something special,” JR said. “He’s dependable and always there and comes through when I ask him. He’s got so much athletic ability, and on top of that a great mind. He enjoys his job and he just does it no matter what you ask of him. He’s a member of our family, and he’ll be with our family for a long time.”

JR was pleased with his go in the class. “He’s such a big, pretty gelding that you notice him,” he said. “He has so much self-carriage that he makes it look so effortless, and he always looks the same.”

The All American Quarter Horse Congress continues through Sunday, October 24. To view the show schedule, show results or the live video feed, please visit