When Terry Bradshaw and his family purchased Extremely Hot Chips in 2018, it was the evolution of the family’s breeding program. Learn more about Chips, his successful offspring and the Bradshaw family’s involvement in his breeding career in this month’s Cover Story. In the November/December issue, we concentrate on the NSBA Foundation, and we explain the various programs under its umbrella. The Stallion Incentive Fund, Breeders Championship Futurity and Color BCF have an important deadline coming up on December 15. We explain what the programs involve and how to enroll. The reasons why we give to organizations like the NSBA Foundation are many, but we explain the science behind giving and the ways we can contribute. After a one-year absence due to COVID-19, the All American Quarter Horse Congress returned to the Ohio Expo Center in Columbus. The Way To Go recaps the winners. In this month’s Foundation Feature, we discuss how the Foundation’s circle of influence is ever-increasing, and how you can help. This and much more can be found in the November/December issue!

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