Message from the Chairman: Jennifer Hulcher, 2020 Foundation Chair

Welcome to a new decade! As we springboard from a very successful 10th Anniversary for the NSBA Foundation in 2019, we look forward to an even more exciting 2020 and beyond.

As your NSBA Foundation Chair for 2020, it is my honor and blessing to reach out to the NSBA Membership to share our key cornerstones we embrace as an equine family and organization.

Over the last 10 years, our plan of work has grown and evolved from specific one-time efforts in times of need, to a wide range of efforts affecting present & future needs of the Association. Our Foundation Board members are committed to continuing to expand and meet the needs of our show horse community & industry.

While the efforts you may see and experience may appear local, they all fall in to one of our 5 Pillars of work. They include:
• Animal Welfare
• Education
• Equestrians with Disabilities & Heroes on Horses
• Trainer Crisis Fund
• unrestricted Champion Fund

These are all areas in which I personally encourage you to consider supporting, but what I really ask you is to keep speaking up, giving us ideas, and sharing your visions for how we can continue to positively impact our membership, and the equine community at large.

We are very proud of the work and funding that have launched new & exciting programs, one of which is the Tomorrow’s Horseman program.

The 10 applicants were selected and have begun their 2-year commitment to learning, where we will encourage, equip, and help train our industry’s up and coming horse trainers, with much needed tools for future development, in not only their personal businesses, but growing our equine industry participation as a whole. This type of legacy gift to the NSBA Foundation sets the example of how donors can truly give back for the opportunities that have impacted their personal and professional lives, because of the experiences they have had through the equine industry.

In closing, I would like to share a few words from a recipient, who reached out for assistance when in need:

“Money from the NSBA Crisis Fund was immediate access to clothe, feed and house my family in the days after a fire at our home – we lost everything that night but the clothes we ran out of the house in”. Bill Hatton, Crisis Fund Recipient
Powerful words of gratitude from an NSBA member who felt the impact of our fundraising efforts when his family needed it the most. No gift or support goes unnoticed, and appreciated.

On behalf of your NSBA Foundation Board of Directors, we will continue to work diligently to expand the above offerings, and be inclusive of all riders who share our passion for the show horse. I ask that you consider a donation, or continue your annual support to any or all of these special efforts.
I look forward to meeting all of you at an upcoming NSBA event.

Jennifer Hulcher
2020 NSBA Foundation Chair

I want to encourage everyone who has donated in the past, to please consider us again this year, and ask another person to get involved. We want to continue to grow, and we invite everyone to participate.

Coming together is our BEGINNING
Coming together is our PROGRESS
Working together is our SUCCESS

Best of luck to you all and I look forward to meeting you at an NSBA event in the coming year.